Beautifully conceived & executed performance to music composed by Effy & Litha Efthymiou. Gill Rowe, The Coln Trust


'Exquisitely presented'.

James Douglas, Kensignton, Chelsea and Westminster Today, 2017

'Impressive and deeply immersive'.

Simon Cummings, 5against4, 2015

'Litha and Effy Efthymiou, fast becoming names to watch'.

Beth Brearley, The Fashion Globe, 2014

'Anyone interested in the cutting edge of contemporary music needs to know about Litha and Effy Efthymiou'.

Helen Wallace, Kings Place Magazine, 2014

'An aching scene of love and remembrance - brilliantly realised'.

Tamara Gausi, Time Out, 2008

'Solemn melodies, both masterful and chilling, entice us into a world where reality blurs'.

Benjamin Carr, London Fringe Review, 2008