Litha and Effy Efthymiou, the formidably creative twins... Helen Wallace, Kings Place Magazine

Listen to Effy's music

Parting II (extract) (string quartet)

Performed by Lunaire

Nobody's Watching (extract) (soprano and piano)

Performed by Susan Parkes and Matthew Schellhorn

Grinder (extract) (solo vioin)

Performed by Iain Gibbs

Psychophonic (extract) (violin and electronics)

Performed by Iain Gibbs

Pulser (extract) (recorder quintet)

Performed by Consortium 5

Foraging (extract) (string quartet)

Performed by the Billroth Quartet

A Boy in a Dress (extract) (soprano, piano, percussion)

Performed by Susan Parkes, Chi-Ling Lok and Elizabth Exell). Libretto by James Hogg. 

Electronomikos (extract) (harpsichord and distorted electronics)

Performed by Petra Hajduchova

Phrenetikos (extract) (organ)

Performed by Richard Brasier

Cajoniking (extract) (two bongos, two cajons)

Performed by Elizabeth Exell, David Dyson, Jake Long and Peter HIll

Wherever I Hang I (extract) (string quartet)

Wherever I Hang II (extract) (string quartet)

Performed by the Harsant Quartet

Media Junkie (extract) (euphonium, soprano & electronics)

Performed by Chris Smith and Colette Wing Lam