Effy's concert works

Listen to a selection of Effy's concert works. See Effy's profile for a full list of works. 


Parting II, string quartet (2016). Recorded by Lunaire. 


Psychophonic (extract), violin and electronics (2016). Recorded by Iain Gibbs. 


Nobody's Watching (extract), soprano and piano (2016). Recorded by Susan Parkes and Matthew Schellhorn.


Cajoniking (extract), percussion quartet (2013). Recorded by Elizabeth Exell, David Dyson, Jake Long and Peter Hill. 


Electronomikos (extract), harpsichord (2013). Recorded by Petra Hajduchova.


A Boy in a Dress (extract), soprano, piano, percussion (2012). Recorded by Susan Parkes, Chi-Ling Lok and Elizabeth Exell. 


Pulser (extract), recorder quintet, (2012). Recorded by Consortium 5.


Phrenetikos (extract), organ (2012). Recorded by Richard Brasier.


Wherever I Hang II (extract), string quartet (2006). Recorded by the Harsant Quartet. 


Where they Flocked, mixed ensemble (2017). Recorded by Andrew Sparling, Alexandros Koustas, Edward Brenton, Joe Zeitlin and Kiyomi Seed. Conductor: Jonathan Tilbrook. 


Two Reflections II, classical guitar and violin (2007).


Grinder (extract), violin solo (2013). Recorded by Iain Gibbs.