Litha's concert works

Listen to a selection of Litha's concert works. See Litha's profile for a full list of works. 


Moments Held, full orchestra (2018). Bristol University Symphony Orchestra. Conductor: John Pickard. 

Present Shadows, flute, clarinet, piano, cello and double bass (2016).  Recorded by Marsyas Trio and members of Lontano.

Iberian Refractions, two violins (2014). Recorded by Iain Gibbs and David Larkin.

Tread Softly, string quartet (2015). Recorded by members of the Bristol Ensemble. 

Moon From Earth, string quartet (2019). Recorded by Zelkova quartet. 

The Journey, chamber orchestra (2011). St Paul's Sinfonia. Conductor: Andrew Morley. 

Kalyani, piano (2013). Recorded by Bravin Karunanithy.

Bustling (extract), recorder quintet (2013). Recorded by Consortium 5.